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2019 Participant Costs Survey - Results: a wake-up call

10/05/2019 12:25 PM | Anonymous

Increases in costs and stagnant returns are endangering participation in Victorian greyhound racing.  Those are the clear messages of GOTBA Vic's 2019 costs and future participation survey of more than 100 Victorian greyhound racing participants.

Key survey findings, summarised:

  • Average cost of keeping young or breeding greyhounds per week: about $72;
  • Average cost of keeping greyhounds in training per week: about $76;
  • However 1/3rd respondents put weekly costs of keeping greyhounds at $90 pw or more;
  • 94% of respondents say keeping greyhounds is more expensive now than in 2017;
  • Most respondents say costs of keeping greyhounds have increased by at least 15% in the last 2 years;
  • 50% of respondents indicated an intention to participate less in 2020 and beyond than they do now.  Reasons: rules and regulation, Code and costs/prizemoney.

For a presentation of the results in PDF, see Member Cost Survey 2019 - Results - pdf.pdf

A slideshow of the results - see Member Cost Survey 2019 - video.mp4

These results show that serious attention needs to be paid, now, by GRV to addressing costs pressures.  When combined with our 2018 report on GRV's own financials from a participant perspective - 2018 Report  - it shows much must be done.  Soon.

The results will inform our actions going forward.

GOTBA Vic Committee

May 2019

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