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GRV Expenditure and Returns to Participants - Our Report

17/11/2018 1:47 PM | Anonymous

GOTBA Vic has analysed GRV's annual reports between 2012/13 and 2016/17 (2017/18 is not yet available).  Our report is attached - GOTBA Vic's GRV Annual Report Analysis.pdf

It makes for disturbing reading. 

Day in, day out participants and clubs are working ever harder to advance the sport and the welfare of the greyhound under ever increasing administrative and time burden. Yet your percentage share of wagering revenue has dropped markedly. 

It is very clear to us that participants are now not being properly rewarded relative to the revenue the sport brings in and are not getting their fair share.  A simple example: Victorian horse racing participants received 57% of RVL's wagering revenue in 2016/17, you received 47% of GRV's wagering revenue in that year. You received 55% in 2012/13.  

Money that should come to you is being spent elsewhere.  Our report shows rampant GRV expenditure on things that are not returns to you or investment in physical track infrastructure. 

This HAS to change.   GOTBA Vic expects GRV's revenue in financial year 2017/18 to reach almost $100m

We encourage you to read the report and contact us with any questions on it.  Just like we will, you should use every opportunity you have to press GRV on returns to participants.  GOTBA Vic believes the only way the trends we identify will be sustainably reversed is to return participant participation and input into the GRV Board.

GOTBA Vic Committee

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