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Greyhound Code of Practice - Submission Template, Guide and draft Code mark-up

23/07/2017 4:56 PM | Anonymous

Template material for individual Code of Practice submissions

Attached (see further below for explanation):

  1. Submission - template - Draft Code of Practice.docx - template form of individual submission, for your adaptation and completion;
  2. Appendix A - Draft-Code-MARKED 21 July 2017.pdf - an annotated version of the Draft Code with GOTBA Vic's interim comments.  This is designed to assist you but you should not attach it to your own submissions.  A final form of this is likely to be attached to GOTBA Vic's own submissions - it will form only a part of GOTBA Vic's consultation feedback. Reference in our mark-up to submissions are to GOTBA Vic's own submissions.

GOTBA Vic is working hard with clubs and participants to ensure that as many industry members make their own submissions on the draft Code of Practice for the Keeping of Racing Greyhounds on or before 14 August 2017.

GOTBA Vic's own submissions will be available in draft form in the coming week.  This will be a very detailed document.  You can get in contact with us on our document in due course.

Additionally, we will be conducting further workshops in the next week or two to assist the making of individual submissions.

However the attached template form of submission is intended to help participants complete their own submissionsWe cannot overstate how important it is to make considered individual submissions to Government on the code.  It is one (but not the only) way that we as an industry can try to address a grievously flawed document.

What to do

Read the Guide. Read the Template.  If it assists you, read the annotated draft Code.

Save a copy of the Template to your computer.  Adapt it to your situation and the content you wish to make submissions on. Do this as far ahead of the 14 August 2017 as you can.

Read the draft GOTBA submission when available for any further ideas (or give us some of yours)!

Finalise your submission. Ask a friend to read it if you like.


If you have any questions - email us at mailto:gotbav@outlook.com.

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