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AGM Reminder; Members nominating for Committee

22/11/2020 3:35 PM | Anonymous

AGM 2020: reminder and reports

Our AGM will be held online Sunday 29 November 2020, at 6.30pm, via Zoom.

Members will soon receive a reminder email (and, separately, a SMS) with a registration link for the meeting: by clicking on that link and providing short details, you will then receive an email with a link to attend the meeting itself, for use at 6.30pm on 29 November.

The reminder email contains a link to my President's Report for 2020. 

In addition, both the President's Report and GOTBA Vic's financial statement for 2020 are also available on our website - AGM Reports (member log-in required).

Members nominated for our committee

As noted in our AGM notice, there are 6 committee positions to be filled at the AGM.

We have received a total of 7 valid nominations.  Unless there is a withdrawal prior to the AGM, an election will be held at the AGM, by poll.  Only those members in attendance may vote.

The members who have nominated for the positions are:

1.       Gayle Osborne – current committee member, GOTBA Vic secretary

2.       Carly Feltham – current committee member (casual vacancy appointment), GOTBA Vic treasurer;

3.       Noel McMahon – current committee member (casual vacancy appointment)

4.       Aaron Campbell

5.       Greg Doyle

6.       Scott James

7.       Sean Lithgow

GOTBA Vic Committee

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