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Traralgon track design consultation - GOTBA Vic Submission

15/07/2019 5:41 PM | Anonymous

The Greyhound Owners Trainers and Breeders Association of Victoria Inc has filed a submission with Greyhound Racing Victoria on its Traralgon track design consultation.

It is here - GOTBA Vic - Traralgon consultation - Submission final.pdf  The submission relies on consideration of information and feedback from a variety of sources.  If you have the opportunity to, read it in full.

A short summary of the submission:

GRV has consulted on 2 track design options, excluding a 2 bend track.

Of the options given, GOTBA Vic expresses a preference for the ‘U track’. It is more functional from the perspective of a greyhound racing participant. In the submission, we note some racing matters that will need to be monitored if a one bend design is ultimately implemented.

GRV’s consultation says nothing about track base, drainage and surface. This was a, possibly the, major issue with the previous track – the Traralgon complex was redeveloped at a total cost of $6m to GRV’s budget in 2014/15. Much of that expenditure was wasted. Such waste cannot recur.

Development of any preferred design must settle on a carefully considered base, drainage and surface design solution, including “best for purpose” sand type before tendering, to avoid repeating past mistakes and impacts for the greyhound.

Finally, as a matter of fairness to participants, GRV should also, after considering submissions by us and others, summarise key feedback items, and publish a summary of GRV’s consideration of them, to close the consultation loop.

GOTBA Vic Committee

July 2019

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