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Level 3 Grading Survey: Results: APM not supported

24/05/2019 10:24 AM | Anonymous

GOTBA Vic recently surveyed participants about grading of Level 3 races in Victoria.  Aged Prize Money (APM) Level 3 grading is very clearly not supported. It results in greyhounds being denied opportunities to race, reduced viability and premature retirements.  Revision of Level 3 grading needs to occur. Participants expressed views on alternatives.

These are the high level survey results from almost 100 participants asked a range of questions about Level 3 grading before and after use of Aged Prize Money as an exclusive grading method.

Key survey findings, summarised:

  • Exclusive APM Level 3 grading is not supported - 63% of respondents rate it poor or very poor.
  • Before full APM 65% of respondents said their Level 3 greyhounds averaged 3 or more starts per month.
  • After full APM, 70% of respondents said their Level 3 greyhounds averaged 2 or less starts per month.
  • Nearly 60% of participants have retired or moved on dogs since full Level 3 APM.  70% of respondents say that since full APM Level 3 grading, their Lvl 3 greyhounds have not had the opportunity to race at a level that gives them a fair chance of earning prize money.
  • Participants support the reintroduction of grading at Level 3 based on holding Ranking meetings and Tier 3 meetings and including options for ranking races to be programmed within other meetings.

For a presentation of the results in PDF, see GOTBA Grading Survey - 23 May 2019.pdf

A slideshow of the results - see GOTBA Grading Survey - results.mp4

These results show that participants want strong consideration of a return to earlier forms of Level 3 grading to best cater for needs of participants and to assist retention in the racing program.

The results will inform our actions going forward.

GOTBA Vic Committee

May 2019

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