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The President's Report on returns to participants that GRV does not want you to see

05/11/2018 2:29 PM | Anonymous

Each month GOTBA Vic provides a short note for inclusion in GRV’s Greyhound Monthly.  This month’s report was rejected by GRV, without reason. 

It read:

If GRV receives wagering income of $68m a year, how much of that should GRV spend on returns to participants (prize money, starter fees and bonuses)? On infrastructure? On staff? On its integrity function? Now what about if GRV has income of $90m or even $100m?

As I said in last month’s report, what matters to GOTBA Vic, irrespective of change, is that all participants are fairly treated and fully rewarded for their participation and success.

What GRV spent on participant returns and infrastructure in 2012/13 on income of $68m and in 2016/17  on income of $90m (latest available figures) may surprise you. 

In November 2018, GOTBA Vic will release an analysis of participant returns and GRV infrastructure spend using GRV’s own reported figures. We have made a comparison between GRV and Racing Victoria Limited.  While much has changed in our industry since 2012/13, and GRV does many things well, what we can say with absolute confidence is that GRV now simply does not return a satisfactory proportion of its income to participants. Its infrastructure spend is low. 

That needs to change.  Participants in 2018 race more and have more costs imposed on their participation. We are pressing for fairness. Participants must get a better return.  Your voice helps us do that.

You can expect more analysis and action in future from us, as well as help. 

[GOTBA Vic AGM paragraph not reproduced here]

GOTBA Vic is committed to being an open, transparent organisation for its members, one that enhances and projects the voices and interests of greyhound racing participants at every level for the benefit of all of them.  We best do that by hearing from you and from your active membership with us.

GOTBA Vic's more detailed report on GRV spending, using GRV's own figures, will soon follow.  

Some highlights (or lowlights...):

  • Participant share of wagering income has decreased from just under 60% in 2008/09 to 47% in 2016/17 (last available figures) – in today’s terms that difference is almost $13m in annual prizemoney;   
  • GRV annual wagering income (TAB and race fields)  has increased from $68.6m in 2012/13 to $91m in 2016/2017 (and, we understand, almost $100m in 2017/18);
  • GRV’s expenditure on itself, particularly employees, has exploded: GRV’s ‘other expenses’ (excluding participants returns and infrastructure) has ballooned from $14.6m in 2008/09 and $20.3m in 2012/13 to $50.3m in in 2016/17.
You and your greyhounds deserve better.  You have borne costs associated with changes to this industry too.  You are not being properly compensated for doing so.

For further information, see my attached letter, which I encourage participants to share - GOTBA Vic - President’s Report - Nov 2018.pdf

Lynton Hogan

GOTBA Vic President.

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