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GOTBA VIC: August 2017: What are we doing for you?

22/08/2017 9:20 AM | Anonymous

Here's a summary of our activities in the last month (Jul-Aug) and what are doing this month (Aug-Sep):

  1. conducted Code of Practice Workshops across the State helping gather participant feedback; 
  2. various media interviews (Steve Price, Neil Mitchell and others) about the Code of Practice and further contacting politicians about it;
  3. prepared and submitted detailed Code submissions to government (see our separate posts on this) and liaising to give continued input on any changes to the Code;
  4. assisted several members with questions and representation before the RADB on disciplinary matters;
  5. lobbied GRV to change their new race rugs (that did not stretch properly and were unsuitable for larger dogs) - agreed and being implemented by GRV; 
  6. considering GRV's recent prize-money increase consultation so we can provide further feedback to GRV (NOTE: More to follow from us to our members on this in the near future - we want to know your views);
  7. consulting with government in the final stages of the planning 'right of use' guidelines that were intended to allow certain greyhound properties to run without permits (NOTE: We have been on this issue SINCE 2013.  Several aspects of what we were most recently provided with were however not satisfactory, and not what we were told to expect from previous input, and we are pressing several issues further as a result);
  8. continuing input with GRV regarding track surfaces (including reports and studies) and possible use of the follow on lure; and
  9. input to the GRV Industry Consultation Group on various issues.

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