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Update: Feedback requested: National training package for greyhound industry participants

16/04/2017 5:22 PM | Anonymous

In early March we alerted you to the continuing development of a national training package for greyhound industry participants, from catchers and attendants to trainers, breeders and rearers.

The second version of draft units of competency, related qualifications and skill sets are now available for feedback at Greyhounds Project (Skills Impact).  Feedback is due by Wednesday 26 April 2017.

We encourage all of our members to provide feedback either directly via the above link or alternatively to us via email at mailto:gotbav@gmail.com with an email subject line 'Greyhound Project: Training Feedback'.  GOTBA will be providing feedback.

Why this is relevant to you

There is a national push to formalise and set out the core standards and competencies to be met by various participants in the greyhound industry, particularly in the area of racing integrity and animal welfare.  This will allow training packages to be developed and those standards and competencies to then be taught and assessed.  

It will be up to regulatory bodies in each State to decide in due course whether or not they will require participants to meet some or all of these standards and competencies (and if so, how), or obtain formal qualifications, as conditions of licences or otherwise. 

GOTBA Vic does not yet know if or how nationally recognised competencies and qualifications will be set as licensing or training requirements in Victoria.  We will monitor and liaise with GRV as the Victorian regulator on this and we are acutely aware of the differing needs of our members, from hobbyists to professionals.

For now, we encourage members to consider, at the above link, whether:

  • you agree with the units of competency in the areas of racing and training, breeding and raising and welfare.  Are those skills that are needed?  Are there others in those areas that are not considered?
  • for each 'skill set'  (what competencies and skills particular types of participant (such as catchers, attendants, rearers and breeders) are said to need), are these appropriate? Are there any major skills that say, a breeder, needs that are not included?

We are always interested in the views of our members and welcome your thoughts and feedback.  By having input, we are investing in the future direction of our industry.

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