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Message from outgoing GOTBA President

05/01/2022 10:00 PM | Anonymous

Over the last few years it has been my pleasure to act as President of a volunteer organisation with a genuine interest and care for people, and a willingness to agitate for fairer, better treatment. Much has been achieved, though there is always more that can be. 

Without GOTBA action, the Code of Practice for the Keeping of Racing Greyhounds would be unmanageable in its requirements, infrastructure would not be top of mind and, critically, Victoria would have fallen even further behind on basic economic fairness to those that work outside of GRV.

Challenges remain: getting at least 50% of GRV income returned to participants and seeing a new administration at GRV – which remains necessary - that acts like participants are central to the sport’s success and, frankly, can be trusted to do what it says.

I firmly believe that any organisation – volunteer or not - must periodically change leadership and refresh to keep achieving its goals.

In 2022, Greg Doyle will be President of GOTBA Vic.

He is an outstanding leader in the industry and was a hugely significant player as Vice President in all recent GOTBA activities, including the 2021 industry action. He is deeply aware of all key issues and needs.  I will remain active as Vice President.

Remember that the Greyhound Owners Trainers Breeders Association of Victoria Inc is your opportunity to speak as one on issues that matter to you in Victorian greyhound racing.  It is absolutely critical that participants continue to act together towards common goals – do not let yourselves be divided or distracted, as GOTBA Vic continues to fight for your interests.

I wish all of you the best in 2022.

Lynton Hogan

Greyhound Owners Trainers and Breeders Association of Victoria Inc

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