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Participant action: Mediation: Reply to GRV

25/08/2021 10:22 AM | Anonymous

RELEASE:   Reply to GRV Chair statement 23 August and email to participants

GOTBA Vic briefly responds to a public statement by GRV chair Peita Duncan released 23 August 2021.    We understand that GRV sent an email containing some of what that said to participants.


GOTBA Vic did not ‘walk away’ from mediation.  Its term ended without agreement: nothing of any substance from GRV willed us to extend it further. 

It is fascinating that GRV refers to using best efforts to reach a constructive outcome.  We did not see evidence of that.   

If GRV wants to press that point, be radically transparent:  allow GOTBA Vic to release details of what actually occurred during mediation.   That would not turn out well for GRV.

We’re happy to engage with GRV – but not in the manner we just have.


With GRV, it’s what is not said that is important. 

GRV’s Chair says the total prizemoney pool increased $12m since the start of the last financial year; that Victoria pays more prizemoney in total than other jurisdictions.

Not said: GRV has increased the size of the racing program since the start of the last financial year.   Not said: Victoria pays the most prizemoney overall only because it runs the most races by some margin.   Not said:  Victorian participants do the most work and take the most financial risk to earn that amount.  Not said:   Victoria also spends by far – by  a mile - the most on administration and other costs, with no noticeable size efficiencies.   

In our view, nor is Victoria 2nd in average prizemoney per race, contrary to what GRV’s Chair suggests. 

We end with this. 

A March 2017 report released by GRV – The Size and Scope Of The Victorian Greyhound Racing Industry stated that in 2015/16 alone participants spent $72m breeding and training greyhounds. 

A fair estimate of annual participant investment now in Victoria is $100m per year:  bigger industry, onerous Code of Practice commenced, and various other cost increases have been imposed.   In 2019, 79% of members surveyed said their costs had increased at least 15% (average around 30%) from 2017 alone.   

Meat feed costs– in the last year– have increased 25-40%.

Into this, last year, GRV paid less of its income than it EVER had to help participants meet those costs.  Of $20m of over budget income last financial year, during a pandemic, it has paid none to participants.

That’s how much it shows it cares.     If you want this to change, you’ll have to change it with us.

Lynton Hogan, President  - Greyhound Owners Trainers and Breeders Association of Victoria, Inc

23 August 2021

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