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Day of Action 2.0 - THURSDAY 22 July 2021

14/07/2021 12:56 PM | Anonymous

In June 2021, we called and you responded magnificently to a call for action on 3 July 2021 - GOTBA Victoria - CALL TO ACTION - SAFE RACING, FAIR TREATMENT, FAIR PAY - 3 July 2021

Members will have received an email today about developments since then.  Further action is needed unless there are significant developments.

So, 22 July 2021.  Day of Action 2.0.

Act together, get change!!!!

Make GRV listen and act

What we are asking YOU as a participant

On Thursday 22nd July 2021 do not nominate your dogs to race for Shep (1/2 stake), Wgul (T3), Wbool (L2) Sdwn (L1).

Encourage others to do the same

On 3 July 2021, you made Victorian racing history with Day of Action 1. 

Change must happen on returns, participant fairness and safety.  We took YOUR issues to the GRV chief executive and Board.  GRV administration and the Board have not yet acted. 

Many have called for a Day of Action 2.0 to show your lack of confidence in GRV and give required change an even bigger push.  We agree.

The key issues remain…


but it is clear GRV has ongoing cultural issues where participants are aggressively put last.  That must stop. Make it.  If this requires immediate GRV management and board change to achieve, so be it.

On returns, did you know that in the year to 30 June 2021 GRV had $21 million more income than budgeted? 

That it returned NONE of that to participants, and paid the lowest % of its income to you this century?

A guaranteed 50% minimum return to participants would have resulted in more than $11m extra having been paid to you for 20-21.


Minimum commitments to change in writing, because the time for talk, buck passing and pushing off into the future is well gone.  Our demands in each of the key issues areas are public – see our website. 

Please feel free to contact any of the committee members for any questions you might have and please follow the GOTBA Vic Facebook page for updates.  Act together, get change!

Committee - GOTBA Vic

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