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Day of Action

  • 03/07/2021
  • The Meadows, Cranbourne & Ballarat


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STAND UP, be heard

make GRV listen

What we are asking YOU as a participant

For you, for a long time, GOTBA has engaged with GRV on key issues below (and others – such as trial availability).  Delay, defer, ignore, market, repeat: GRV refuses to accept participant views or make lasting change on so many issues participants care about.  Issues will worsen without affirmative action.

On Saturday 3rd July 2021  

do not nominate your dogs to race at BALLARAT (1/2 stake),



Please encourage others to do the same

Act now, together we can force change!!!!


Minimum commitments to change the above in writing, because the time for talk, buck passing and pushing off into the future is well gone.  What we want is set out on our Facebook page.

Please feel free to contact any of the committee members for any questions you might have and please follow the GOTBA Vic Facebook page for updates.  Act now, together we can force change!

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